International Conference on
Advanced Materials Synthesis, Characterization and Applications
(AMSCA -2022)

Organized By
Department of Physics
Savitribai Phule Pune University,Pune

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Conference dates : 18th to 20th October 2022


Department of Physics, Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune cordially invites you to attend the
International Conference on “Advanced Materials Synthesis, Characterization and Applications” (AMSCA-2022)
scheduled to be organized during 18th-20th October, 2022.

About Us


Savitribai Phule Pune University (formerly University of Pune), one of the premier universities in India, is positioned in the North-western part of Pune city. It occupies an area of about 411 acres. It was established on 10th February, 1949 under the Poona University Act. The university houses 46 academic departments. It is popularly known as the 'Oxford of the East'. It has about 307 recognized research institutes and 612 affiliated colleges offering graduate and under-graduate courses. According to Times Higher Education World University Ranking Savitribai Phule Pune University has been ranked No. 2 among the universities in India. The university is NAAC re-accredited at A+ level and has status of University with Potential for excellence by UGC, India. It is also DST-PURSE sponsored University.

About the Department

Department of Physics, situated in the large and beautiful campus of Savitribai Phule Pune University, started its activities in 1950. The research programs of the Department cover a number of areas of Experimental Physics and Theory. The department has got numerous state-of-art facilities like HRTEM, SEM, SPM, XPS-UPS, Raman Microscopy, VSM, etc. It has been recognized that teaching in this department is among the best in the country. The UGC has recognized the Department as a Centre for Advanced Studies in Materials Science and Condensed Matter Physics for the past 35 years and has been receiving funds from DST under FIST and PURSE programs. The Department has always strived for academic excellence through teaching and research which has contributed to the upliftment of the status of the University with Potential for Excellence (UPE) phase II

About the Conference

*Subject to change as per COVID situation*

The prime aim of the conference is to bring together scientists, technologists, researchers and industrialists across the country to exchange their views and ideas for better possible scientific collaborations in their subject of interest. The theme of the conference “Advanced Materials Synthesis, Characterization and Applications” (AMSCA-2020) is related to advanced materials. The AMSCA-2022 as a special theme deals with the advanced materials synthesis by using variety of synthesis techniques and their characterization for finding intriguing properties to utilize them in wide range of applications. The subject area includes advances in materials science and their applications in technologies which has societal perspective. The conference will also cover the theoretical aspects of relevant subject.

Scope of the conference

  • Photovoltaic Materials
  • Biomaterials
  • Nuclear Materials
  • Nanomaterials
  • Magnetic Materials
  • Materials in Electronics
  • Energy Storage Materials
  • Computation for Materials
  • Materials Education

Authors are invited to submit an abstract. Abstracts should contain no more than 300 words (optionally it may contain 1 Table and/ or one Figure). Abstracts can be submitted for either oral or poster presentation.


Abstract submission is closed

*Note: New coming abstract will not be held in the abstract book

Important Dates

Particulars Date
Abstract Submission Deadline 10th September 2022
Abstract Acceptance Notice 10th September 2022
Registration open 10th August 2022
Registration Deadline 30th September 2022


Registration type Amount in Rs.(For Indian) Amount in Rs.(For Foreigner)
Research Students 3000/- 15,000/-
Scientists/Faculty 5000/- 25,000/-
Industrial Person 10000/- 50,000/-
Accompanying Person 1500/- 7500/-

Late Fee Applicable After 10th October 2022
Registration type Amount in Rs.(For Indian) Amount in Rs.(For Foreigner)
Research Students 4000/- 20,000/-
Scientists/Faculty 7000/- 30,000/-
Industrial Person 15000/- 60,000/-
Accompanying Person 2500/- 10,000/-
P.G. Student 1500/- -

*Note: No on-spot Registration
*Note: Registration fee is not refundable


Accommodation for limited participants can be arranged on request. The confirmed request must be reach to the Convener on or before 5 October 2022. The approximate rate is about Rs.2000/- per day per person for the university guest house.


"Transportation only provided from Mumbai International Airport and Pune International Airport"

AMSCA Technical Program

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Publication Partners

Publication terms are as per Journal's policies.

*Few are in communication


"Best poster and Oral presentation winners will be awarded with a hard copy of Journal".

Organizing Committee

  • Hon’ble Prof. (Dr.) K. V. Kale
    Hon’ble Vice Chancellor,
    Savitribai Phule Pune University

    • Prof. (Dr.) S. A. Sonawane
      Pro Vice Chancellor,
      Savitribai Phule Pune University
    • Prof. (Dr.) S. W. Gosavi
      Director, School of Physical Science, SPPU, Pune
    • Prof. (Dr.) S. R. Jadkar
      Head, Department of Physics, SPPU, Pune
    • Photovoltaic Materials
      Prof. S. R. Jadkar, DoP., SPPU, India
      Dr. H. M. Pathan India, DoP., SPPU, India
    • Biomaterials
      Prof. P. B. Vidyasagar, DoP., SPPU, India
      Dr. G. R. Kulkarni, DoP., SPPU, India
      Dr. Venelin Hubenov, BAS, Sofia, Bulgaria
      Prof. A. G. Banpurkar, DoP., SPPU, India
      Dr. S. Muhuri, DoP., SPPU, India
      Dr. S. H. Bloukh, UAE
    • Nuclear Materials
      Prof. S. D. Dhole, DoP., SPPU, India
      Dr. S. S. Dahiwale, DoP., SPPU, India
    • Nanomaterials
      Prof. S. V. Boraskar, DoP., SPPU, India
      Dr. Alexander Lukin, WCRC, Tuapse, Russia
      Prof. S. R. Mahamuni, DoP., SPPU, India
      Prof. M. A. More, DoP., SPPU, India
      Dr. Zehra Edis, Ajman University, UAE
    • Magnetic Materials
      Prof. S. I. Patil, DoP., SPPU, India
      Prof. Y. D. Kolekar, DoP., SPPU, India
      Dr. R. C. Kamble, DoP., SPPU, India
    • Material in Electronics
      Prof. D. S. Joag, DoP., SPPU, India
      Prof. Mariya Aleksandrova, TU of Sofia, Bulgaria
      Prof. N.B. Chaure, DoP., SPPU, India
    • Energy Storage Materials
      Prof. S. W. Gosavi, DoP., SPPU, India
      Prof. S. D. Sartale, DoP., SPPU, India
    • Computation in Materials
      Prof. A. L. Kshirsagar, DoP., SPPU, India
      Prof. B. Dey, DoP., SPPU, India
      Prof. P. Durganandini, DoP., SPPU, India
      Dr. A. Sayeed, DoP., SPPU, India
      Dr. Shailesh Kulkarni, DoP., SPPU, India
    • Materials Education
      Dr. Deepti S. Sidhaye, DoP., SPPU, India
      Dr. Georgi Dobrikov, TU of Sofia, Bulgaria
    • Convener
      Dr. H. M. Pathan ,
      Department of Physics, Savitribai Phule Pune University, (Formerly University of Pune),
      Pune – 411007, INDIA
    • Co-Convener
      Shailendra Dahiwale,
      Department of Physics, Savitribai Phule Pune University, (Formerly University of Pune),
      Pune – 411007, INDIA
    • Secretory
      Prof. S. D. Sartale ,
      Department of Physics,Savitribai Phule Pune University, (Formerly University of Pune),
      Pune – 411007, INDIA
    • Treasurer
      Prof. V. L. Mathe ,
      Department of Physics,Savitribai Phule Pune University, (Formerly University of Pune),
      Pune – 411007, INDIA
    • Prof. S. D. Dhole
    • Prof. A. G. Banpurkar
    • Prof. Y. D. Kolekar
    • Dr. S. S. Dahiwale
    • Dr. R. C. Kambale
    • Dr. S. G. Kulkarni
    • Prof. P. Durganandini
    • Prof. N. B. Chaure
    • Dr. A. Sayeed
    • Dr. D. S. Sidhaye
    • Dr. S. Muhuri
    • Prof. Venugopal Achanta, NPL, New Delhi, India
    • Prof. Ahmed Ennaoui, IRESEN, Maracco
    • Prof. Vikram Kumar, IIT, New Delhi, India
    • Prof. B. B. Kale, C-MET, Pune, India
    • Prof. V. N. Boraskar, SKKU, Seoul, South Korea
    • Prof. C. D. Lokhande, DYPU, Kolhapur, India
    • Prof. J. N. Moorthy, IISER, Tiruananthapuram, India
    • Dr. A. K. Lele, NCL, Pune India
    • Prof. Oh-Shim Joo, KIST, Seoul, South Korea
    • Prof. P. S. Patil, SU, Kolhapur, India
    • Prof. S. B. Ogale, IISER, Pune, India
    • Prof. B. Bhattacharya, BHU, Varanasi, India
    • Prof. R. O. Dusane, IIT Mumbai, India
    • Prof. N. Y. Dzade, PennState, USA
    • Prof. P. K. Jha, MSUB, Vadodara, India
    • Prof. P. S. Anil Kumar, IISC, Bangalore, India
    • Prof. J. J. Lee, DU, Seoul, South Korea
    • Prof. K. Kalyanasundram, EPFL, Switzerland
    • Prof. A. Subramania, PU, Pondicherry, India
    • Prof. P. K. Singh, SU, Greater Noida, India
    • Prof. Giulia Grancini, UP, Pavia, Italy
    • Dr. X. Mathew, IER, Temixco, Mexico
    • Dr. M. G. Chaskar, SPPU, Pune, India
    • Dr. A. Lukin, WCRC, Tuapse, Russia
    • Dr. P. B. Wagh, BARC Mumbai

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About Conference

 Dr. H. M. Pathan, Convener,

 Department of Physics, Savitribai Phule Pune University, (Formerly University of Pune)
Pune – 411007, INDIA