• Theme: Teacher Development: Concerns and Perspectives


    1.Teacher Education & New Education Policy 2020.
    2.National Development & Teacher Education.
    3.Sustainable Development & Teacher Education.
    4.Integrated Teacher Education Programme (ITEP) & Teacher Development.
    5.Improving Quality of Educational Research for Development of Teacher Education.
    6.Teacher Development for inclusive education.
    7.Educational Policies, Resources for Teacher development in Global/National Community.
    8.New Assessment Tools and Techniques in Education.
    9.Information Technology in – Teacher Education: Innovative Pedagogical Practices, Curriculum Design.
    10.Teacher Education for School Development.
    11.Strengthening Teacher Education and Teaching Profession.
    12.Interdisciplinary, Multidisciplinary and Transdisciplinary approach in Teaching and Research.
    13.Outcome Based Education & Teacher Development.
    14.Yoga and Wellness in Teacher Education.
    15.Teacher Education And Physical Eduction.
    16.Open theme on Teacher Education.