• Theme: Teacher Development: Concerns and Perspectives


    1.Teacher Education & New Education Policy 2020
    2.National Development & Teacher Education
    3.Sustainable Development & Teacher Education
    4.Integrated Teacher Education Programme (ITEP) & Teacher Development
    5.Yoga and wellness in Higher Education
    6.Improving Quality of Educational Research for Development of Teacher Education
    7.Teacher Education and Inclusive Education and Teacher Development
    8.Educational Policies, Resources for development in Global/National Community
    9.New Assessment Tools and Techniques in Education
    10.Information Technology in – Teacher Education: Innovative Pedagogical Practices, Curriculum Design
    11.Teacher Education for School Development
    12.Strengthening Teacher Education and Teaching Profession
    13.Interdisciplinary, Multidisciplinary and Transdisciplinary approach in Teaching and Research
    14.Outcome Based Education & Teacher Development
    15.Teacher Education and Physical Education
    16.Open theme on Teacher Education