About Pune

The heart of the Maratha empire in the days of yore, Pune is the 2nd largest city in Maharashtra and is the also the capital of Pune district. Located around 120 kilometers from Mumbai, the commercial capital of India, Pune is famous for its educational institutions earning it the sobriquet "Oxford of the East." Education, arts and crafts, and theatre have always enjoyed a pride of place in Pune, home to one of India's oldest universities. With the express highway providing fast connectivity between Pune and Mumbai, Pune's importance has grown by leaps and bounds. Pune represents a fusion of the old and the new, of the traditional and the modern, of quaint old wadas and glitzy malls. Surrounded by greenery and blessed with a salubrious climate, Pune is sure to create a lasting impression in your mind.

Pune has been known by a plethora of sobriquets. Popular among them: Queen of the Deccan, cultural capital of Maharashtra, pensioner's paradise and Oxford of the East. Pune is one of the historical cities of India with a glorious past, an innovative present and a promising future. The Pune Municipal Corporation administers the city. Its boundaries extend over four hundred square kilometres and it has a population of close to four million. Thus, Pune city has been developed into a Pune metropolitan area, just equal in area to that of Greater Mumbai. It is located 192 km (by rail) and 160 km (by road) from Mumbai and is 559 meters above the mean sea level. Being surrounded by beautiful hills and the Sinhagad fort, it has a temperate climate. Water, which is plentiful, is supplied to the city from Panshet, Khadakvasla and Varasgaon dams --all located about thirty kilometers from Pune. Pune is among the greenest urban areas in the country with more than 40 per cent of its area under green cover. PUNE or Punyanagri as it is called has had a glorious past of nearly 1000 years. Pune’s history is both illustrious and romantic. The city’s historical associations are fast woven with Shivaji Maharaj, the Peshwas and Lokmanya Tilak. It was here, in the Lal Mahal that Shivaji boldly attacked Aurangzeb’s uncle, Shaista Khan and won back the lost territories. Later it was ruled by the Peshwas. When Bajirao-I became the Peshwa, he made Pune the headquarters of the army and the Shaniwar Wada was built. Bazaars and shopping plazas. Palaces and ritzy hotels. Temples, mosques, churches and even a synagogue to visit. This sprawling metropolis conjures up a myriad images - ancient forts, ornate palaces, lush gardens, shopping arcades, educational institutions and rolling hills. The Ganapati festival celebrated yearly, called the Pune Festival, has made its mark on the tourist map of India.

Nearby Places of Pune

  1. Sinhagad Fort(37.5 km from Pune)

  2. Sinhagad Fort, which means Lion Fort is one of the most famous forts and prominent historical places to visit near Pune. It was earlier known as Kondana and believed to be built about 2000 years ago. The Sinhagad Fort has great historical relevance as it is believed many a famous battle of Sinhagad were fought here. The fort gives breathtaking views from the top, and also popular among trekker.

  3. Raigad Fort(53.6 km from Pune)

  4. It is a historically rich district which was the base of renowned Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj kingdom in 1656. The Raigad Fort speaks his rule here that is also a prime attraction of this area. This fort is established on an irregular mold of rock.

    Additionally, Raigad is popular for many other forts too. Thus, it's mainly preferred by visitors due to the preserved culture of its ancestors through these historical sites. Other amazing places you can visit here are Jijamata palace, Queen's Palace, Takmok Tok, and Gangasagar Lake.

  5. Lonavala(66 km from Pune)

  6. One of the twin hill stations near Pune, Lonavala lies on the Sahyadri Ranges and is adorned with all the marvels of the Deccan Plateau. Located around 64km from the main city-limits, this gorgeous hill station is one of the must places to visit near Pune.

    Nestled amidst scenic hills and mountains that wears an evergreen blanket round the year, this hill station also proves to be an ideal place to visit near Pune in monsoons. In addition to the untouched beauty, one can also enjoy several engrossing and exciting activities during this period.With the advent of the monsoon, as this hilly retreat gets adorned with the enchanting green shade, it makes Lonavala an ideal camping destination near Pune. One can also join in for some fun-frolic moments in a farm and enjoy nature trails, farming and experience life with the horses.

  7. Lohagad(57 km from Pune)

  8. It's one of the famous tourist places near Pune which is actually a representation of the golden Peshwa rule in Pune. Lohagad Fort has a strong history with rulers of different kingdoms, invading it to varying periods. The magnificent remnants of this fort charm every visitor. Trekking to the Lohagad Fort is a viral activity that people like to do in Pune.

    Perched above the Sahyadri hills and facing the Pavana Reservoir, the fort offers an excellent opportunity to photographers. Further, after your trek to Lohagad Fort, you can visit other nearby attractions like Tikona Fort, Visapur Fort, and Pawna Dam. There are also caves named Karla Caves, Bhaja Caves, and Bedse Caves which one can explore.

  9. Kamshet(49 km from Pune)

  10. Around 45km from Pune, Kamshet is such a destination that can be visited by almost all the types of travellers. Also, since it lies only 16km from popular hill stations like Lonavala and Khandala, it experiences a large number of tourist influx.

    As Kamshet is cosseted by several scenic villages, it makes it for an ideal destination to participate and experience the best of farm stays with options like nature walk, swimming and others. For the thrill seekers, it offers various for paragliding; join any of these experiences and witness the aerial beauty of the region.

    The salubrious nature and serenity that exists in Kamshet also qualify for a not-to-miss tourist places near Pune for couples, it is such a place, where love exists in every corner and just needs to be felt!