All are cordially invited to submit their abstracts based on findings, innovations, best practices, a new methodology, or research work in the form of practical, theoretical, and methodological aspects of identified themes and related areas and case studies. The participants are requested to send the abstracts latest by 1st November 2023


Please consider the following guidelines, and deadlines to facilitate the submission and subsequent follow-up process.
  • The abstract must be written in MS Word document (A4 size), Times New Roman, 12 font size, and 1.15 line spacing without inserting any special symbol, formula, diagram, table, or reference.
  • An outline of the abstract is as follows –
    a) Title (Max. 30 words)
    b) Author/s name/s
    c) Affiliation/s
    d) Email (corresponding author)
    e) Abstract body (Max. 400 words)
    f) Keywords (Max. 4 keywords)
  • You may download a sample template from the following link (Clickable link) https://events.unipune.ac.in/sites/Geography_2023
  • After the payment of Registration Fees with online registration, an abstract must also be submitted online using the given clickable link for the registration: https://events.unipune.ac.in/apps/applicant/login.aspx
  • Files sent through email or by any other means will not be considered under normal circumstances.
  • The name, affiliation, and e-mail of the corresponding author must be included.
  • The abstract should clearly indicate the research problem, the methodology, and the results of the work within 400 words. (Download sample template at https://events.unipune.ac.in/sites/Geography_2023)
  • To prevent multiple submissions of the same abstract, only the corresponding author should submit one. If an abstract is contributed by more than one author and the non-presenting author also registers for the conference, he/she will be automatically mapped to the abstracts he/she has co-authored.
  • A maximum of two abstracts are permitted per registration as an Author or co-author.
  • All abstracts will be reviewed by the Programme Committee and may be sent back for revision if required. If a revision is necessary, the revised abstract must be sent back within a week.
  • A Person attending the conference without an abstract can directly proceed with registration & payment. The persons’s status will be attendee only.

Papers are invited on the themes of the Congress. Participants are requested to fill up the enclosed registration form and send the same along with the abstract and the registration fee by 30th October 2023. Full papers must reach the Convener by November 15, 2023. Abstract without full Registration Fee will not be included in the souvenir. Manuscript of the full paper should be submitted at the specified email given below. Participants are requested to preferably submit only one abstract of paper to the congress

Abstracts and full papers should be sent at the E-mail ID: nagi45punegeo@gmail.com
Email ID for general communication: nagi45pune@gmail.com

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