Please follow the instruction provided for the abstract writing, in case you are finding difficulty in uploading the abstract on registration/abstract submission webpage, kindly submit your abstract to

We are inviting papers for abstract and oral presentations. Once you create an account kindly login to the website with your email id and password you created for the account. You will get abstract instructions, sample abstract, and a link to upload your abstract after login. Kindly upload your abstract and we will send you further instructions with an acceptance letter (if accepted).

If you do not wish you present a paper then also you are welcome to join us as a participant. You need to create an account with details so that we can send you a conference link to join. Registration is mandatory for all participants.

Please note:

  1. You are required to register for the conference, before you submit the abstract.
  2. Abstracts must be submitted online through the conference website. Abstract submissions by any other means like offline mail or email etc. will not be entertained.
  3. One participant can submit only one abstract as a presenting author, however he/she may be a non-presenting author on other abstracts.
  4. The length of the abstract is limited to 300 words.
  5. Don’t forget to review your abstract before final submission

Poster Presentation

Please go through the guidelines for poster session: The size of the poster should be 150 cm (horizontal) x 70 cm (vertical) in landscape orientation. There will be an exclusive session for the poster presentation. All the posters will be judged by experts, and the criteria for judging the posters are followings:

The following major criteria will be used to judge posters:

  1. Visual components
    1. Clarity and quality of presentation.
    2. Appropriate level of details provided.
    3. Legibility and ease of assimilation of data and graphics.
    4. Layout and flow.
    5. Poster well organized, easy to follow.
    6. Use of data, tables, graphs, photos, drawings, etc.
    7. Everything easy to read; no text overload.
    8. Poster can be easily understood without additional explanations from presenter.
  2. Presentation
    1. Ability of applicant to discuss the work with relevant literature.
    2. Answering of questions.
  3. Relevance/Significance/Impact of study
    1. Results related to other studies or extended to other areas.
    2. Implications for scientific and/or human importance made.
    3. Future direction of research.
  4. Problem and Hypothesis/Framing of issue
    1. Research question and hypothesis stated clearly.
    2. Originality shown.
    3. Suitability of methods and analysis.
  5. Interpretation of Results
    1. Data are interpreted for readers.
    2. Appropriate conclusions drawn and explained.
    3. Conclusions do not go beyond data presented.